Private Tour – Ghosts of Grand Central

Scary Terminal

  • indoors
Groups 1-5 persons
Groups 6-10 Persons

Private Tour: Ghosts of Grand Central

Admission: Groups of 1-5 persons 150$; Groups of 6-10 persons 250$; 1.5 hour duration; less than 1 mile walk

Tour Description: Travel the depths of Grand Central Terminal and discover the ghostly commuters of the New York City rapid transit system such as President Franklin Roosevelt, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and August Belmont. Belmont built the train tunnels that connect the terminal to the outside world, and now he torments those that pass by his haunt deep within the station. Roselvelt haunts the secret armored train underneath the terminal that connects Grand Central to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel that he used throughout his presidency. This tour is scary, inside, and goes to sparsely traveled corners of Grand Central.

Meeting Location: West side of the MTA information booth which is home to the four-sided clock in the Main Concourse level of Grand Central Terminal. Grand Central Terminal is located at 89 E 42nd St.