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College Dormitory Ghosts


As students come back to the college campus, they might find the supernatural welcoming them also.

Ghost Sighting at Brittany Dormitory of New York University
55 East 10th Street, New York, NY 10003

My name is Justin Dayhoff. I am a resident assistant at NYU’s Brittany Residence Hall. The dormitory is named after the former Brittany Hotel that originally occupied the structure. Strange occurrences frequent this residence hall from our resident ghost “Molly.” I’m unaware if you know the story of “Molly,” but it is understood that when this used to be a hotel, due to construction, the door at the top of the elevator shafts was unlocked and a little girl made her way in and fell to her death. It is believed that many of the strange things that happen here are caused by her. A word of advice to incoming freshmen: don’t worry, she can’t hurt you.

The Ghostly Hands at Finlay Hall of Fordham University
Rosedale Campus, Bronx, NY

Sleeping residents in Finlay have allegedly been awoken by frigid, unseen hands grabbing their throats. Finlay Hall used to be medical building and morgue where medical students dissected bodies. Apparently, some doctors have come back for refresher courses.

Who knows what awaits students returning to the college campus? Hopefully, they won’t have ghosts as neighbors.

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