Ghosts of New York

The Haunted New York Experience

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College Dormitory Ghosts © 2018 By Dr. Philip Ernest Schoenberg

As students come back to the college campus, they might find the supernatural welcoming them also. Ghost Sighting at Brittany Dormitory of New York University 55 East 10th Street, New York, NY 10003 My name is Justin Dayhoff. I am a resident assistant at NYU’s Brittany Residence Hall. The dormitory is named after the former…

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Captain Kidd of Liberty Island

Captain William Kidd contributed his services to the building of the original Trinity Church by providing a winch to lift the stones to build the church steeple when the church was built around 1700.  He was one of most active parishioners of Trinity Church.  He was a privateer licensed to raid enemy ships in wartime…

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