Ghosts of New York

The Haunted New York Experience


Don’t be an April Fool: Edgar Allan Poe and Mary Rogers

We can smash one urban legend for April Fool’s Day. Edgar Allan Poe neither knew Mary Rogers nor lived at 195 Broadway. Urban legend claims that he knew Mary Cecelia Rogers because he lived nearby and was a frequent customer. Many accounts claim that Edgar Allan Poe lived at 195 Broadway between Dey and Fulton…

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Peter Stuyvesant: You Can’t Keep a Good Ghost Down

Stuyvesant was the last Dutch governor of New Netherlands. Stuyvesant was called “Peg-Leg Peter,” or “Old Silver Nails.” because of the silver studs wrapped around his wood en leg. He had lost the leg fighting against the Spanish for Dutch West India Company in Curacao. He is New York City’s oldest European ghost. St. Mark’s Church…

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