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Ghost Tour of Times Square with Big Apple Comic Con


In conjunction with the Big Apple Comic Con, come join our ghost walk on March 10 for a special tour of Times Square.

Ghosts of Times Square


Search for the spirits of famous and not-so-famous stars as we roam around Times Square.  Theatre Ghosts are unique in that they are not scared of the spotlight. Be prepared for what you might find on this ghostly haunt.


The Showgirl that Returned to the Stage


Waiting in the dressing room is a women only identified by her white dress and gold sash with her name on it:  “Olive”. She is holding a blue bottle that contained the deadly medicine she swallowed. Olive Thomas, a 1920’s Ziegfeld Follies show girl, enchanted all the men who watched her sing and dance at The New Amsterdam Theater.  She thought she found true love when she married Jack Pickford, the brother of Mary Pickford, the greatest of Silent Movie actresses of the day.  She committed suicide on her honeymoon when she discovered he had given her syphilis.


A Playwright took his Final Bow


The New Victory Theater, opened by Oscar Hammerstein, in 1900, was the first theater on West 42nd Street.  It was the first theater to claim a ghost sighting in the neighborhood.  On December 21, 1909, the audience clapped enthusiastically for the opening night of The City, written by Clyde Fitch, the most popular playwright of the time.  Fitch had been the first American playwright to publish his plays.  As the cast took final curtain calls, the playwright emerged from the wings, strode to center stage, took a deep bow – and vanished.  He had died the summer before.  Ever since, people wander if he will ever make another appearance.


Our tour has many other highlights as we go in search of Broadway’s ghosts such as Judy Garland at the Palace, George M. Cohan who could dance up a song all by himself, and eight-time Tony award winning choreographer Bob Fosse. If you are not careful, you may find yourself eternally on the stage with one of them and never go home again!  Why are theaters such a strong vector for ghosts? Why do these entertainers and producers not release their hold on the Earth and move on?  Surely the answer is obvious: What, and give up show business!


Time:  6;30 PM, Friday, 10 March 2017

Time:  6;30 PM, Friday, 10 March 2017


Meeting Point:  Meeting Point:  Hotel Pennsylvania Lobby, Information Desk

401 7th Ave, between 32nd and 33rd Streets

New York, NY 10001


Registrar: Go, go to calendar, go to March 10 to get tickets.

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