Why should I take a Ghost of New York Tour?
It is the most entertaining way to know the history and story behind the ghost or haunted event. A ghost walking tour by Ghosts of New York is simple and easy. We cover about a mile of ground in 90 minutes. We get our facts straight on the history and the folklore.

Do I need a reservation to go on a Ghosts of New York?
We charge more if you choose to show up in person to pay cash. It would best to let us know you are coming by contacting us by phone at (646) 493-7092 or [email protected] You can reserve your spot online by credit card.

How do I get a ticket for a Ghosts of New York tour?
Tickets are E-tickets emailed after purchase.

I am an international traveler. Can I still get tickets?
Our payment system does accept international credit cards.

How much does a Ghosts of New York tour cost?
We charge $20 for adults, $15 for seniors and students for regular ghost tours of New York City; pub crawls and other tours may cost more

How long is a Ghosts of New York tour and how much do we walk?
Tours last approximately 90 minutes. We walk about one mile during this time.

What if it is raining?
Ghost tours are held rain or shine. In the event of inclement weather, please call us at (646) 493-7092. Ghosts of New York reserves the right to cancel tours in the event of potentially dangerous weather. If we do cancel, we will try to let you know at least two hours before on our (888) 377-4455 telephone and on-line. This is why you should give us your cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

What is your Voucher Policy
Vouchers are good until the day of expiration. All sales are final. No refunds will be given. Requests for extensions of vouchers should be made to the company that issued the vouchers.

What if I want a private tour?
All ghost tours are available for private bookings in all areas. Private tours can be scheduled morning, afternoon, or evening. We offer additional ghost walking tours in other neighborhoods as well, in case you can’t get enough of discovering New York City’s most haunted places. For more information, or to schedule a private contact us at [email protected] or (6464) 493-7092.

How much of a tip should I leave at the end of a tour?
Gratuities are always appreciated, but never expected. Typical households leave 20% per person.